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5. KaderFrame 2.0 Program

The program tries to help you to test your basic engineering knowledge’s. In version 1.0, there are 100 questions about units, definitions, etc… The arrangement of the questions as will as the answers is random. In each question, there are four answers; one of them either wrong or doesn’t agree with the definition, try to find out this odd answer. If you do well from the first time your degree will be 100% in this question. If not your maximum degree will be reduced by 25% and so on. You will see the total degree for all previous questions.

4. KaderFrame 1.0 Program

The program solves plane frames and continuous beams. It calculates the normal forces, shearing forces, and bending moments, draws and prints their diagrams. It also draws and prints the deformation shape. Text files of most calculated data are created on the same directory of the program. The program designs the sections byworking stress method and draw the frame and its sections to AutoCad 2000 file. The user can modify the design sections before and of course after drawing to AutoCad file. Only Metric system is used in this version.