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2. KaderColumn 1.0 Program

The program tries to help you to test your basic engineering knowledge’s. In version 1.0, there are 100 questions about units, definitions, etc… The arrangement of the questions as will as the answers is random. In each question, there are four answers; one of them either wrong or doesn’t agree with the definition, try to find out this odd answer. If you do well from the first time your degree will be 100% in this question. If not your maximum degree will be reduced by 25% and so on. You will see the total degree for all previous questions.

3. KaderColumn 1.1 Program

The program deals with tied short columns. It designs columns subjected to up to six cases of loading consisted of axial load and bending moment applied about the maximum principle axis. The program constructs the column strength interaction diagram (Bending moment-Axial load curve and check if all input cases of loading being within the design curve. If the input data of the cross-section is not sufficient the program increases them starting from the Min. Roh to the cross-sectional dimensions until all input cases of loading being within the design curve. The program suggests an arrangement of ties and draws them. (US and SI units)